Nursing hourly rounding

    Interpreting Statistical Output for Data Analysis
    The purpose of this Assignment is to enable you to present the information that you gather from a systematic review on your PICOT topic. This activity will give you the experience to present what your research findings to others.
    1. Define the clinical key questions based on PICOT.
    2. Briefly review the database selected for key clinical questions.
    3. Identify the studies of the database search that are a Level I or II evidence.
    4. Interpret the statistical results of the studies identified in Step 3.
    5. Design a presentation.
    a. Place results /overview of research 4pages
    6. Follow APA format.
    The topic I started doing the paper on is hourly rounding. The picot question is does hourly rounding decrease falls in acute care unit and increase patient’s satisfaction? (P) acute care patient, (I) hourly rounding (C) compare to unit that does not practice hourly rounding (O) decrease falls and increase patient’s satisfaction, (T)Within 1 week of admission

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