Module 05 Project Assignment – Making The Best Selection

    In your role as the Human Resources Manager for Epic Health Solutions, it is now time to hire the best person for the new position. So far, the job analysis has been done, the job description created, the performance appraisal created, the job evaluation done, and the compensation and benefits determined. With the job description handy, refer back to Module 02 for guidance on the selection process.

    In a 2-3 page report, prepared in APA format, include the following:

    • Explain from where you will source qualified applicants.
    • Discuss why diversity is important within an organization and what diverse qualities you will be looking for in candidates applying for this position.
    • Describe how you will recruit the staff you have sourced to get them interested in the position and to want to learn more about it.
    • Discuss what kind of an interview process you will conduct.

    Describe how you will make your final selection. What factors will be most important?

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