Causal Analysis -Cost of College Tuition and Books

    Academic level: High School

    Type: Other / Causal Analysis

    Subject: Other / ENGLISH 1105 (Composition and Argumentation)

    Topic: Causal Analysis -Cost of College Tuition and Books

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    Essay 1: Causal Analysis

    Causal analyses can be over a social issue, environmental concern, educational reform, or some other issue facing Shawnee State University, Ohio, or the United States. As a writer, students will make strong arguments by backing up their ideas with sources. Students will create an outline, two drafts of the analysis, and a final paper to be turned in at the start of class. The causal analysis must include:

    •             Double spaced

    •             12 point font, Times New Roman

    •             1 inch margins

    •             Between1,500-2,000 words

    •             At least 3 main ideas

    •             An introduction

    •             A conclusion

    •             A list of reference(s)

    •             Printed in black ink

    •             Stapled in the top left hand corner

    •             MLA conventions and format

    •             One picture in the appendix that illustrates the topic

    Citing in Essay 1

    For Essay 1, you must have 6-10 references. At least one of these references must come from a peer-reviewed journal article. One of your references must come from a book, book chapter, or a section of pages from a book. The remaining 4-8 references can come from references of your choice.

    Examples of peer-reviewed journals:

    •             Communication Education

    •             The Journal of Psychology

    •             Journal of Writing Research

    •             The Social Science Journal

    •             Science

    •             Nature

    •             Journal of Nutrition

    •             Journal of Business and Financial Affairs


    •             The whole book if you have already read it

    •             A chapter from a book that you have or are reading

    •             A few pages from a book that supports your argument

    Examples of other references:

    •             YouTube

    •             Interview

    •             Newspaper article

    •             Magazine

    •             Documentary

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