Assignment 8

    Research one of the special programs or institutions used to sanction (or help) offenders (adult or juveniles).

    1. Explain:What population does the institution serve? What type of offender would be sent here and why? What is the goal of the institution? What are they doing to achieve this goal? Is it a secure facility, a community program, a treatment program…? (1 paragraph)
    2. Researchthe background and success of the institution. How long has it been around? Why was it created? What criteria must the offender meet to remain in the program and/or institution? How many people does it hold? How successful is it in achieving its goal? Is there any data or records of this? (1 paragraph)
    3. Reflect: What are the pros and cons of using this type of institution/program? Support your answers with details explaining why. Are there some areas they could be doing better? Are some factors not addressed that should be? What is your overall opinion of the program? (1 paragraph)

    Please attach the link you used to access your information.

    This assignment should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs.

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