Are children smarter (or more socialized) because of the Internet?

    Topic: Are children smarter (or more socialized) because of the Internet?

    1) First, you will develop a research question and hypothesis for the topic given.
    2) 1ST PAGE – Design 12 questions (can be open/closed format, choices of categories, differential scales, ranking) that will help gather/collect data to answer your research question. These 12 questions will be used for a sample survey that I will create to obtain the data. After collecting the data, I will share the results with you so you can write the written report.
    3) SECOND AND THIRD PAGE – Once data is collected, write up a wrote to communicate your findings using the social science inquiry method. You will do this by following the steps as outlined in the class.
    4) The report has to be written in APA format and include a References page.

    A rubric will be attached to help you develop the paper, as well as ensure if all of the criteria are met and exceeds a level A+. This paper should be taken very seriously as it is a summative worth a great percentage of my overall mark. Please adhere to university or post-grad readability and writing devoid of grammar and punctuation mistakes.

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